About David Kinder & kinderpics

David was that kind of kid that was always taking pictures and home movies. He  had a repressed, life-long passion for photography that was awakened in July of 2006 coincident with his (pre-mature) retirement as a Software Development Manager for "the largest semi-conductor manufacturer in the world".  David worked 30 years in Corporate America on new computer hardware and software research and development, implementing compilers for new computer architectures, designing and automating customer support services, launching and nurturing corporate web sites, developing new human/computer interface appliances, and managing multi-national software development teams.

Suddenly, David was on his own -- and loving it!  Well, technically, he's lovingly supported by his wife, Cindi and  teenage-son,  Bryan who are regularly called upon to "hold this" and "carry that" and "pose here".  You'll often find David down at the NW Children's Theater taking photographs of rehearsals and performances for their stage productions and school playlabs. (Most of the photos found in NWCT material are by David these days.) His theater photographs for NWCT, Staged!, as well as local high schools (Sunset and Lake Oswego) have appeared in The Oregonian, Lake Oswego Review, and other local newspapers, the NW Portland Business Guide Magazine, and at the Portland Drammy awards.  Other clients include OHSU, UBS Financial services, Kern & Thompson CPA, Smith Barney, Laura Rawlins Dance,  Sandra Peabody TV & Film casting, Wild Bills, and more.

David has demonstrated to his clients, a keen eye for composition nicely balanced with an understanding of the technical aspects of digital cameras and computers. An approachable and easy-going personality (as noted on many of his corporate performance reviews :) also helps David set new clients and photographic subjects at ease -- it's rather hard to get a great photograph of someone uncomfortable with the whole process.  Getting down on the floor with kids and playing for a while, getting people comfortable with your presence (and camera) while they're going about their business (such as a wedding or theater rehearsal), studying people and situations and anticipating what's going to happen,  are all part of being a photographer.

kinderpics Photography is a dream-come-true for David and his family (and friends). David has built a reputation for delivering photographs that not only preserve images of the event at hand, but also capture the emotions of the day -- whether it be a twinkle in the eye of a bride smiling towards her mom & dad as she's about to skip out of the church, the glow of a mother's love as she's gazing into the face of a young child, the determined stance of a young actor on stage delivering his lines, or even the relaxed and satisfied pose of a tired father at the end of a wonderful birthday party.
Whatever the occasion or photographic need, David puts his all into providing great service.  Clients have praised his work and attention to their needs.  His style is as an observer documenting the event rather than a director trying to force the action.  He particularly enjoys photographing people having fun, and delights in capturing those special moments that can be easy to miss.

David looks forward to working with you!  Please wander around this web site and the galleries on kinderpics.smugmug.com and give him a call at (503) 292-4621 or send an email to david@kinderpics.com