Bar & Bat Mitzvah Photography

Your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah is an important rite of passage and a celebration of faith to share with family and friends, many of whom will travel from far away to participate in this special day. After all the hard work, the planning, the studying, and the preparations, it will be an emotional day filled with laughter and tears. All of these memories pass by so quickly -- kinderpics photography can help make this a day you will always remember.

As with weddings and other ceremonial events, there are basically two schools of thought about photography at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. We've all seen the posed formal portraits with the Torah -- beautiful black and white (or sepia) images of the boy or girl with parents and rabbi standing nearby.  Sometimes these "posed" candids are required because photography may not be permitted during the ceremony.  If photography is allowed though, David enjoys photographing in a photojournalistic style, using available lighting and capturing the day's events and emotion with the eye of an unimposing observer rather than that of a director dictating where to stand and how to look.  (Of course, there's still an expectation to have some "formal" photographs.)  David's goal is to capture people within their environment and anticipating the unexpected impulsive actions that can't be captured with a camera fixed to a tripod.  

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Samples

Here are some Bar and Bat Mitzvah service and party samples -- You can also browse through these images in David's Bar and Bat Mitzvah Sample gallery

Photography Fees

Fees are based on time, services, and prints ordered. In order to customize kinderpics services to your desires, David encourages a conversation with you to discuss just what you'd like to have, and prices are set accordingly.

See current fee and service schedule for some pricing examples and detail.