Theater Performance Photography

NWCTDavid is the resident performance photo archivist for NW Children's Theater and School and his photographs appear in most of the NWCT brochures, flyers and programs. David can help your organization too -- if you need to publicize a play for your school or theater company, or would like a photo archive available for the company, cast and families to share and enjoy.

David has worked both with local professional theaters (including Oregon Children's Theater, NW Children's Theater, Staged! , Shaking the Tree, Jane a Theater Company, Portland Shakespeare Project, Brundog) and school performance companies (including ACMA, Lake Oswego HS and Lakeridge HS) and is ready to work for you!

Looking for performance archives for NWCT productions? You can find them in the NWCT gallery on the kinderpics smugmug gallery site (click here).

Theater/Performance Samples

Here are some Theater and Performance photography samples -- You can also browse through these images in David's Theater Sample gallery

Photography fees

Fees are based on time, services, and prints ordered.  See current fee and service schedule for details.